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recording options




1. You require a solo violin/viola line for your track...(scored or to be improvised)

such as...

2. You require multiple string lines for your track... (scored)

such as...

3. You require strings for your track,  (no score)....

such as...



1 and 2...send on your backing track and instructions and I'll send a quote

3...I will write a string arrangement and demo it for your approval

We can then choose to record as 'Cyberquartet' ...2 violins  2  violas..all played by myself...this works well with most 'pop' tracks with guitars and bass....or I can book a cellist to complete quartet...

Rather than layering up multiple string tracks of the same player (phasing issues) many artists and producers choose to mix library strings with 'real' strings, well done this can be very successful..

For some projects we can scale up string numbers and use a local studio (I frequently record in Camden studios and Windmill lane (Dublin Ireland) and at the ICO studio (Limerick))

I can quote for any scenario